Places of Interest :: Uttarey

Bandukey Village, Simphok Trout Hatchery Centre, Singalila Gate

Phul Moti Memorial Universal Smart Academy, Bandukey Village

(Affiliated with C.B.S.E. NEW DELHI-NO. 1820142)

This institution, located at Bandukey, Maneybong in West Sikkim is one of the unique and beautiful visiting point for the tourists those who are imbibed with the aim to serve the weaker sections of the society and to get enjoyment with the experiences of simple but beautiful smiling and pure hearted student children hailed from the poor family background of this remote area. 

This Institution has been established as per the maximum- “Demand of the Time is the Will of the God” and the  motto-“Service to  the Humanity is Service to the God” with the realization to live and work together for others and contribute to the building up of just, ideal and fraternal society to meet the demand of the time in our country today and the world as a whole.

The location of this institution characterizes the extreme Indo- Nepal Border and considered to be the remote and backward area in Sikkim.  So, the educational standard of the people in this area also is very low as compared with the other areas.  This area is also considered as sensitive one as it falls under the protected and restricted area of Sikkim from the national Security point of view.  The density of the tribal population in the area is very high.  This location in reality, is deprived from any sort of urban facilities and any other funding agents.

Hence, this institution is the only one run by the Local NGO(TRUST)- “Human Resources Development and Service Society of Sikkim,” Bandukey, Maneybong, Uttarey, W. Sikkim rendering a selfless service contributing  towards  the children in the field of education for their all round development.

So, far the infrastructure of this institution is concern it is having an eco-friendly construction of building with bamboos and wooden pillars, natural and a unique one.
This Institution runs the classes right from Pre-nursery up to ‘x’ i.e. right from the age of 2yrs plus (Play way group) and most of the students are from below the poverty line and many of them are from below the poverty line orphan and handicapped family students and specially for the above later part students,  the TRUST, till date is bearing all the expenditure giving them completely free education with boarding facilities.

Hence, everybody is invited and welcome for the Voluntary Sponsorship and even for Voluntary Teaching Services with a view to lead the poor and deprived students towards educationally advance and all round development ultimately making them a good citizen in this universe.


Simphok Trout Hatchery Centre

In the distance of 1km from Uttarey Trout (Fish of the salmon family) Hatchery Centre at Simphok has been established by the Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Sikkim for rearing , breeding, marketing  and distribution to the public to meet their livelihood in the field of fisheries.  But this centre is not only doing and existing for such above purpose but also has become a tourist destination.  The trout fish is very testy fish dish that everybody enjoys with so satisfactory



Singalila Gate

In the distance of half an hour walk across the Uttisay River on the way to Singalila Trekking Trail in a wild virgin jungle, there stands a beautiful gate which is known as “Singalila Gate”, having some unique Ethnic House around. This gate is very famous as the “Gate Way of Indo-Nepal Boarder Trade Route” and also is the gate way bridging the famous Khangchendzonga Biosphere Zone (Khangchendzonga National Park) and one of the popular Barsey Rhododendron and wild Life Sanctuary. There flows a  next  beautiful river called as  Mainibas Khola as a border line in between the above said park and sanctuary as a sister embraces the two brothers with blessings.