Places of Interest :: Uttarey

Begha Sheep Farm, Singshore Bridge, Sopakha-Charan Tar

Begha Sheep Farm  (Ramitey  Danra)

One of the beautiful tourist sport as a view point is located on the top of the Begha village Sheep Farm  Danra  which is also called as “Ramitey Danra.”  This area is so beautiful to have a view of sun rise early in the morning during the clear weather days and also can have the view of the Mt. Khangchendzonga range. This Ramitey Danra is surrounded by the ethnic heritage  villages and home stays belongs to the Sherpa Tribal Community  and the Gurung  Community. They have their own respective a unique culture, tradition, religion and food habits. They have their own respective monasteries in their villages for  worshiping , praying and meditation. This area is famous for the natural habitation of the Wild Bees hanging in a  big hives below the stiff height of a big and rocky stone clip located nearby sheep farm.

Singshore Bridge (6,500 ft.)

With a span of 198 m and 220 m in depth, located in the mid-way to Uttarey from Dentam, “Shingshore Bridge” is the Second Highest Suspension Bridge in Asia, and the first of its kind in Sikkim as well as in the country India, which has been a unique and a new tourist destination.  Connecting Dentam to Uttarey in the distance, it connects the two beautiful villages where homestay facilities are available-

1) “ Bega Gurung Village Home Stay” in the South with the
2) “Mukrung Rai Village Home Stay”  in the North. 

With the participation of the mass local public and the NGOs under the approval of the government, “Singshore Bridge” has been specified and declared as a special spot  for the “BUNGEE JUMPING,”  introducing and promoting a unique and a new discipline in the field of adventure tourism as the FIRST in the State.

Sopakha-Charan Tar

Facing towards the east with a gentle slope, 3 km walking distance from Uttarey, dominated by the Limboo community there lies a beautiful village called Sopakha.  On top of the village there is a next beautiful flat land view point called Charantar where from majestic view of entire Kalej Valley as well as most of the mountain villages of West  Sikkim can be enjoyed with special bird eye view of Uttarey Lake and villages around.  The place falls within the Kanchendzonga Biosphere – Zone with a rich biodiversities.

Sopakha is a Limboo Heritage village and home stays with a rich ethnic culture and traditions.  Traditional handicrafts and weavings like weaving of traditional Limboo cap, mufflers, carry bags etc. and making of bamboo cane materials are the local products normally to be used.

Typical local traditional musical instrument like BINAYO and TONGNA are made in this village.  The village people use to enjoy with these unique instruments dancing and singing mostly during the evening time relaxing all the tiredness of working throughout the day.

The village people out there are really very hard workers working in the agricultural field producing organic products.  Livestock is one of the main occupations where men and women are equally involved.

Just above the Charan Tar there stands a beautiful hilltop which is called as Jorebote Dara which is really a very beautiful place and chosen as a major gliding tourism destination from where we can have a view of the entire beautiful hamlets of West Sikkim.