Places for Pilgrimage :: Uttarey

Ram Rukh, Shiwalaya Mandir, Narayane Manilakhang Monastery, Bajaratey Devithan and Holy Cave

Ram Rukh - Tree of Lord Rama (7,800 ft.)

It is located above Sardong village called Gaddi Danra on the way to Ranidhunga and approachable from Bongten by 4km. trek.  The local communities have been regarding this old oak tree as holy tree or sacred groove since long back.  It is believed that this tree was shot with an arrow by Lord Rama in the ancient period and has still the mark of grooving on the tree.

Shiwalaya Mandir (Temple)

This is one of the oldest Mandir (TEMPLE) locate at the Upper Mangmoo village. This Temple  is surrounded by the Gurung community heritage village with some mixing of Sherpa and other Nepali community. This Shiwalaya Mandir is having its own background and it is really believing.  There is small but a perennial  source  of water inside the dense jungle around and has a factual telling of the old people that the source of water inside the jungle was guarded by a big white snake called as "Sati Nag"  and it was believed as the God  Siva to guard and bless the village with peace and prosperity. Accordingly, every village people, in that particular place, had decided and constructed  the Shiwalaya Mandir. It is further believed that praying and worshiping in this Shiwalaya Mandir shall be  wish fulfilling.

Narayane Manilakhang Monastery

This monastery is located on the top of the Upper Khandu village and has now become a tourist destination as the place is so scenic to have view of natural scenarios of different  places of west and south Sikkim and also can have view of Mt. Kanchengdzonga range.

Bajaratey Devithan and Holy Cave (7, 800 Ft.)

Jeepable road leads from Dentam to Khandu School and a walk of 1 km leads one to a sacred groove and a holy cave called "Bajrantey Devithan"  It is a 40 ft. deep tunnel like passage with stone steps where people of surrounding area gather here and performs puja