Destination Uttarey

Upcoming with master plan and construction by the government destinations  

  1. Tourist lodge at Uttarey.
  2. Uttarey Lake.
  3. Lameni Pokhari , Tenzing-Hillary Park.
  4. Heli Tourism in Uttarey.
  5. Development  Typical  Sherpa  Tribal Heritage and Home Stay  Eco-Tourism village At Sherpan Gown.
  6. Development of typical limboo tribal heritage village and home stay eco- tourism village at Bandukey.
  7. Development of typical lepcha tribal heritage village and home stay eco – tourism village at Ferek.
  8. Development of ethnic rai heritage and home stay eco- tourism village at upper Mukrung.
  9. Development of infrastructure to begin with the “bungee jumping” at Singsore suspension  bridge (2nd highest in Asia) as a new  adventure  tourism destination in sikkim - india.
  10. Proposal for the Construction Of Rope Way From Power Intake To Neydham A Holy Cave.
  11. To Make Maneybong Dentam Constituency (With A Permanent Reservation Of Women Representation)  As A Whole  A Holy Place – “Devithan”  Blessed  By The  Tri – Goddesses:-  1) Laxmi Maa, 2) Saraswat Maa 3)Durga  Maa – Facing Common Gumpa Dara View Point Of Uttarey As A Central Point.
  12. Proposal For The Construction Of Statute Of Godess Laxmi At Ranidhunga As A Tourist Destination.
  13. Proposal for the construction of the goddess saraswati at   nunthaley as a tourist destination.
  14. Proposal For The Construction Of The Goddess Durga At Jorbutay As A  Tourist Destination.